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Just Barbarian Things is a blog site dedicated to highlighting the latest nerdy game and crafting (miniature painting, leather crafting, and costuming) projects of Rainy and Santiago.

If an item is available to purchase, a link will be included in the posting. We may also accept commission work if it is within our skill range and interest.

Rainy and Santiago love tabletop and videogames and so do their friends!

On the crafting side, Rainy primarily paints miniatures for tabletop gaming. Most of her miniatures are not painted to official color specifications of the various war-gaming rule sets but commission work can be adjusted to meet these requirements. Rainy focuses on miniatures that provide tabletop gaming players with miniatures that represent the characters in their role-playing campaigns, whether they are player characters, enemies, or common minions.

Santiago is a leather craftsman focusing on archery equipment such as quivers, arm guards, gloves, and belt pouches.

Both Rainy and Santiago also delve into costuming, and may occasionally showcase cosplay or period medieval or renaissance costuming.


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